North American Minerals Corp. (Namco) offers a complete line of leather tanning product via our exclusive US and Canada agencies with:

Mimosa Central Cooperative Ltd. - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Since 1991, Namco has been working with MCCL to supply the leather tanning, water treatment and drilling services industries with the highest quality mimosa/wattle vegetable tanning extracts.


Advantages of Wattle Bark's South African mimosa/wattle vegetable tanning extract:

  • High in tannins
  • Naturally low in salts and insolubles
  • Wide selection of natural color tones
  • Consistently high quality and continunity
  • Experienced producer with strong technical expertise


  Trumpler International - Worms, Germany


The range of products offered by TRUMPLER include a complete spectrum of beamhouse and dyehouse chemicals and auxiliaries, encompassing all aspects of wet processing from raw hide through to dyed crust leather. All products meet with the highest levels of quality and environmental standards required in the modern leather manufacturing world.


Our experience and strategic warehouse locations allow us to offer you the service, reliability and prompt deliveries you require.