About Us

North American Minerals Corporation (Namco) was founded by Gerald Berger in 1979 around the business of sourcing and importing steel making raw materials from South Africa into the US.
While always staying large enough to finance ongoing US inventories for our customers, our focus remains being small, flexible and finding those products that our customers demand even if the specification is more stringent than the industry standard.
As of today, that model has allowed us to source raw materials from over 20 different countries that ultimately find their way into over 40 different industries.
Some meaningful events in Namco’s past are:
1991 - Namco partnered with Chris Bathie of Rio Bravo Alloys in San Antonio, TX and ultimately formed North American Minerals Chrome Sales. An operation designed to import bulk chrome ore from South African chrome mines into the US markets.
1994 – Namco and Tophet Alloys partnered to form Namto Partners. An agent for Billiton Stratcor and MMC, designed to market South African electrolytic manganese flake.
1995 – Jason Berger bought out Gerald Berger’s ownership in Namco
2002 – Namco partnered with Ken MacAlpine and Sylvia Springer of Triton Alloys and Chris Bathie of Rio Bravo Alloys to form Pan American Alloys.   An operation designed to supply raw materials into Mexican markets as well as the US Sporting Goods industry.
2004 – Namco partnered with Triton Alloys to form Arbor Alloys, LLC. An operation that specializes in sourcing a broad range of products from China into a variety of US Markets.